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Handmade Beaded Necklaces

One of the things I love to do is to make beaded jewelry.  I like the colors, the sparkles and just the way they feel in my hand.  My handmade beaded necklaces show how I use some of the varieties of beads and crystals.

Twice a year, the Gem Faire comes to town and I can come home with a great haul of precious and semi-precious gem stones, crystals, and a great assortment of findings.  I also look for the sales at Michael’s and Joann’s for their fancy beads.

My Necklaces




When I buy the fancy beads I like to open up all the packages and mix them all together.  Then I sort them based on size, color, shape.

Focal point

When I make a necklace, I like to start with a focal point, usually it’s the center bead.  Sometimes, I like to make my necklaces somewhat off-center. In that case, the focal point is a little off to the side. As in the two necklaces below.

Making the Necklace

This next necklace, I decided to make the focal point in the center. After choosing my focal point, I start building my necklace.  Being symmetrical on both sides, is easy on the eye. So, whatever I add to the left side, I try to add the same to the right side. Necklaces of 20 inches works well, therefore, I add enough beads to make it to 10 inches on each side.


Beadalon 49 strand beading wire has enough strength to hold the bead. Note on the package it tells you the size of crimp beads and crimp tubes.  I will be using the size #1 for the crimp beads.


When I start stringing, I leave the wire on the reel until I’m done.  I cut the wire leaving enough to add the clasp pieces.  After cutting the wires, I use bead stoppers at the ends of the wires, otherwise all the beads will fall off and I will have to start all over again.

Crimping and Finishing

Here is where I add the crimp beads and clasp findings.  I put the crimp bead on the wire, then the clasp end and then re-thread the wire back through the crimp bead.  Pull the wire so that the crimp bead and the clasp are snug against each other.  Crimp the crimp bead, move the beads up against the crimp and thread the extra wire through the beads on the necklace. The other side is done the same way except you will want to pull the wire so that this crimp bed is up against the beads. Once it is crimped in place, thread the extra wire through a couple of beads and snip with your cutters.

Now your beautiful creation is ready to wear.

Have you made any necklaces? Do have any tips or tricks.  I would love to hear from you.  Leave your comments below.

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